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In Honour of a Meeting of Minds, and Various Grubbier Body Parts

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Four years ago today, I was nervously grooming myself in preparation for hanging out with a cool guy I’d met at a zine launch some months previously and who I’d spent some time hoping would ask me out on a date. That never happened, although we kept in contact sporadically via email. I’d decided he wasn’t interested and told my friends, who’d observed our initial meeting with some amusement, that I now thought he was a bit of an arsehole.

Eventually we’d gotten back in touch, and I’d reneged on the arsehole judgement just enough to agree to coffee in St Kilda.

He arrived at my house fifteen minutes late and extremely apologetic. On the walk to the tram stop he shyly engaged me in a conversation about how awesome Dan Savage is, which I thought was cute because I’d mentioned my enjoyment of Savage Love in one of our phone conversations. He’d done his research. We rode the tram with the nervous awkwardness familiar to first dates everywhere, despite the fact that I’d fiercely assured my friends it wasn’t a date – “we’re just hanging out and having coffee!”
“Sure, Aimee,” came the replies. “Whatever you say.”

We went and had a coffee, which eventually turned into lolling around in a park for some hours, which eventually turned into returning to my place for “coffee”.

I don’t think I’ve seen him drink coffee since, although fortunately there has been plenty of “coffee”.

Happy anniversary, Stu.

P.S. I love you, but as you’re probably aware, I’ve never fully reneged on that arsehole judgement.