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Smells like Slut Shaming

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Dear Melbourne news media,

The following are a list of things relevant to the coverage of the horrific shootings in Melbourne on Monday:

  • The continued hunt for, and now capture of, the “alleged” gunman
  • The tragic death of a man who tried to help a woman who was being attacked
  • The recovery of the two surviving shooting victims, and the woman who was bashed

The following things are perhaps not:

  • Early reports of the incident that focussed on the salacious details of what was happening in the club before the gunman attacked, rather than what was known of the shootings
  • Details of what the two women wrote on their MySpace pages, including the breathless revelation in at least one media report that one of them confessed to liking pornography
  • The women’s enjoyment of posing for “porn girl” photos posted on the Internet
  • Ms Daly-Holt’s strip club work history
  • Either woman’s sexual orientation
  • Alleged romantic links between both women and the gunmen.  Since, you know, you’ve managed to link both of them to him since Monday with no definite evidence in either case

And seriously, If I hear one more comment along the lines of “well, would YOU have stopped to help a pole dancer?” (last two words inevitably spat out with more than a trace of venom), I am going to scream.

Take My Porn*

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007


Many things have happened since our last chat, my lovely and most likely now entirely non-existent readers. One of the things was this book coming out:

Got a Minute? cover

Containing two of my stories, ‘The Window’ and ‘Wakeup Call’, as well as a lot of other steamy short-shorts, including a story by the lovely Kathryn. Y’all can check it out here, although if you’re in Australia I highly recommend contacting these fine people and ordering it from them (it may not have reached Australian distributors yet, but they’ll have it when it does). The joy of the very short story is that you can dip in and out again quickly, which is exactly what I’ve been doing with this collection. Less than 1000 words suits my time restraints and, frankly, my attention span at the moment.

Because I am a sharing, caring kind of girl, and also because I have more books than I know what to do with (seriously…half my house consists of shelf space, I own three full-size bookshelves, and I am still. running. out. of. space. I have got to stop “adopting” books from library book sales because they “look lonely”. Maybe this is why I’m not allowed to have a pet.), I’m giving away one each of my contributor copies of both Got a Minute? and The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 6. Drop me an email stating which one you’d prefer. I am trying to find a way of indicating that I will give preference to the first people who email me without saying “first come, first served”. Nup, can’t do it. I may even throw in a mix CD, although I can’t promise it won’t be full of the kind of music that would make an emo kid say “dude, lighten up a little bit, would you? And give back my mascara.”

*You know you spend too much time on the Internet when you type that as “pron”…without meaning to.

Edit: Books accounted for!  Cheers, all!