My friend Becky has committed suicide.

I don’t know what else to say. None of this seems real.

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  1. kingdad Says:

    I’m so sorry!

    One of my best and oldest friends comitted suicide, and years later, I still don’t know what to say.

    Be there for your friends family, speak your friends name often in this world and love the people around you even more.

    I really am sorry to hear of your loss.

  2. Bekki Says:


  3. Tess Says:

    I heard you, and I care.

  4. mnky Says:

    the pain one has to endure during a life can become too much to bear for some people – i used to not be able to imagine the pain someone has to feel to consider suicide as an alternative – but after the last 2 years of my life I don’t have to imagine anymore – there is a lot of pain out there – remember her as she was – I wish you well

  5. Rob Windt Says:

    I feel your pain, having lost more friends over the years than I thought I could bear.
    This tribute from Mike Ruppert to his lost friend seems strangely comforting, my apologies if it’s not.

  6. saara Says:

    I’m an occasional reader who has also lost someone dear to me to suicide…anyway, you have my deepest sympathies. It just plain sucks.

  7. Tish Says:


  8. Melissa Says:

    Oh man. I haven’t been here in a while and just got caught up. I’m so sorry, love.

  9. kT Says:

    Ditto what Melissa wrote. I’m so very sorry. I hope it’s not still too raw. I hope your memories serve you well. I don’t know what else to hope for.