A Geek is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Stuart has a complete inability to distinguish the difference in tune between the Wedding March and Darth Vader’s theme music (whatever the proper name for it is). I put this down to his being a drummer rather than a musician. It raises some interesting possibilities for wedding ceremonies should we ever decide to stop being dirty fornicators, though. My favourite wedding ceremony idea, however, is still the pirate one, which swaps “I do” for a hearty “Yaaaarrgh!”.

Not that this is something that has been contemplated or discussed at any length, you understand. In addition to the too young/not ready stance we both happily employ, I also have an ideological problem with doing anything John Howard might approve of.

Back on topic, Stu’s latest seduction method involves imitating characters from computer games we have known and loved. Because as any girl knows, there is nothing more arousing than getting naked and intimate with Pac-Man. Things got kind of ugly when he switched to Frogger, though.

The unintended side effect of this was that I got all misty-eyed about my old Commodore 64, which I owned until my mother threw it out behind my back when I was 18. Sure, it was decrepit as hell and only worked extremely intermittently, plus I don’t think I’d played it for a few years (having discovered alcohol, sex and Internet porn, in pretty much that order), but as far as I was concerned, that was completely beside the point. I’ve been trying to remember the name of one of my favourite games ever since, which was something like Beam Runner or Beam Rider. Whatever, it was awesome and I was great at it. I will leave the smutty jokes about my skill with a joystick as an engaging and no doubt challenging activity for those of you playing at home.

7 Responses to “A Geek is for Life, Not Just for Christmas”

  1. Stu Says:

    hey hey long time no speak, about time i dropped in hey? My bro used to have a Commodore 16 (every game was on TAPE!) and I still have an Atari 2600!! no Pacman, but Ms Pacman :p

  2. Desci Says:

    OMG pirate wedding. Do it. Do it. DO it!

  3. Chris Says:

    this one’s for Stu – i had an atari, and it had a kick-arse game called X-OR, at which i was a CHAMPION. You don’t got that one, do you? It’s a maze thingy, with exploding chickens, and i miss it, even though i was only a transient imitation geek and it’s the only game i’ve ever loved (although my monogomy and virtue is occasionally tested by good ole space invaders, which has a special place in my heart). Those chickens, ya gotta lovem. I’m rather partial to fowl. Please have it – i’m crossing my fingers.

  4. mnky Says:

    commodore 64, what memories, then there was the early apples, I am getting all misty eyed – if you want to get a 64 in mint condition with games, just keep your eye on e-bay they come every now and again and they sell very cheap with many games. Oh and a tip on the joy stick hold it tight and move it sideways don’t hold loosely and slide your hand up and down it and stop putting your mouth over it (I know you said no joystick remarks but I couldn’t help it)

  5. DJ Says:

    Buy this for a C 64 throwback fix

    and no I’m not the seller…

  6. adam Says:

    Email me your postal address, hussy, and I’ll send you a CD with a loverly C64 emulation program on it. You mac or PC?

  7. Spike Says:

    “I also have an ideological problem with doing anything John Howard might approve of.”


    “It’s a maze thingy, with exploding chickens”
    ROFL Chris.