“A mini-break is about more than just shagging”

Sydney was wonderful.

Among other things, I will not soon forget being the recipient of a birthday toast which included nice champagne and took place in a big black shiny Limo, sliding through the inner-city streets as people pointed and waved and tried to see through the heavily tinted glass. It made me feel like a rap star, despite my notable and unfortunate lack of bling and hoes.

I also managed to get well and truly sunburned on the luxury harbour cruise, which was stupid of me, and means my normally copy-paper white skin now looks like pink tissue paper. Plus I met a cute dog. And lots of Stu’s co-workers, but they don’t stick in my mind as much as the cute dog. Which is their own fault, really; they didn’t keep sitting in my lap and trying to lick my face.

I didn’t get to explore the city as much as I would have liked, but there’s always next time, which will be at a time when it’s not so beastly hot, and when I have less corporate girlfriend obligations.

Stu’s had to stay in Sydney for a contract. Three days apart and we’re already acting like teenage internet boyfriend and girlfriend. The next step is sending each other soppy e-cards and reverting to language such as “kewliez” and “LOL”. If either of us were at all given to chatting, I could think up “cool” new acronyms such as TMDOTFCOTOMAPAWMTBI (throw me down on the floor, climb on top of me and perform acts which may techically be illegal). I am trying to ignore the fact that his contact currently runs for an indeterminate period of time, which in his industry means anything from a month to several years. Blargh.

One Response to ““A mini-break is about more than just shagging””

  1. eff Says:

    Dear Ms Intergalactic-hussy.net

    I am pleased you submitted your story and poem. I am a little worried though. My dear, you don’t have to eat a raw dripping ham yourself. You really don’t _have to_ eat it. Do look after yourself now.

    Mrs Bartok (E)