A Tram Journey of Self-Discovery

Today I found myself without any forms of entertainment while on public transport, so I settled back into my seat to have a good, long think about some of the issues currently affecting my life. After mulling over some topics that have come up in conversation recently with friends, I had one of those moments where you realise that you’ve discovered a truth about yourself, but really wish you hadn’t. I was forced to conclude, as part of this moment of complete honesty, that while I am not too worried about being attacked by sharks while swimming in the ocean, I am genuinely concerned that swimming in the ocean may lead to me being attacked by the Kraken.

If that’s the best my brain can do in terms of self-discovery after all these years of navel-gazing, I am definitely making sure I have a book and my portable music box with me every time I travel anywhere.

3 Responses to “A Tram Journey of Self-Discovery”

  1. lunarbrogue Says:

    It alarms me to think that in modern Australia, you don’t even have to enter the water to fear the Kraken. Sorry for drawing a nerdy metaphor here, but the tentacles emerging from aspirational Australia’s Ikea-inflicted value system are bringing this man-of-war down!

    I’m actually quite scared of cold sales reps on city footpaths. It is my grim prediction that one day soon I’ll offer one of these properly-employed (I concede) individuals a snappy rejection and find myself involved in a shouting match, then a high speed foot race, with thirteen previously unseen street-hawker sympathisers. For some reason, in my imagination, one of these sympathisers will be a Womble, and drunk.

  2. Tish Says:

    I always worked on the basis that anything sea monsterish would be in the watery deep and unlikely to come as near to shore as I was. Personally I was more troubled by the idea of jellyfish, dead plastic bags and really sharp rocks. Such are the terrors of Elwood beach.

  3. Dollop Says:

    Best discovery awakes at some point, non?