An Open Letter to the People of Australia


I can’t believe you elected Howard again. What were you thinking? That he’ll protect your precious precious interest rates from the nasty refugees and marriage-seeking gay people?

I’ve been telling myself that you lot got the government you deserve, complete with input from the kind of right-wing interest groups whose members stare fixedly at your left year when they speak to you. Unfortunately for me and my leftie, femmie, queerie ilk, we got the government you deserved, too.

Guess I’ll see y’all at the bonfire. Looks like I’ll be the one tied to the stake. Barbie’s up!


Yours in enmity,


17 Responses to “An Open Letter to the People of Australia”

  1. Liah Says:

    Nice one 🙂

  2. KOEN Says:

    Not particularly in response to this post, but thank you for continuing to flaunt your Hussy accross the galaxy. I haven’t been online much for the past several months, so I was happy to finally read the back(b)log of entries I’ve missed.

    I’ve laughed out loud several times, was happy to hear you’re in Honours, out of Castle Anthrax, and that you wear Earl. Although I haven’t really been there either, I miss you over at that other place.

  3. adam ford Says:

    Hey Aimee.

    My thoughts exactly. Interest rates over everything else. Not only that – one man’s interpretation of interest rates, described to a country where not very many people actually understand economics.


  4. pixelkitty Says:

    I cannot find one person who will admit to condemming Australia to another three years of Liberal hell.

    Those lieing fuckers!

  5. Bronwyn Says:

    Now Aimee, don’t hold back, how do you really feel?

  6. Deirdre Says:

    Frankly, I don’t think you said fuck enough re: these election results.
    I mean fuck
    Fucking three more fucking years.
    With a fucking control or thereabouts of the Senate
    No seriously. What the fuck are people thinking?
    I swear to god. Fucking democracy. Fucking Howard. Fucking insane, idiot voters. Fuck.
    Hope everything else is good.

  7. Aimee Says:

    Pixel, I think you’ll find that the lying Liberal voters are simply emulating their Chosen One.

    Deedles, I agree I didn’t use the word ‘fuck’ enough. That’s because I was practicing self-censorship in preparation for the further decimation of my rights.

    Adam, damn straight.

    Bron – you mean my semi-coherent couch rantings haven’t clarified my position?

    And finally, lighter-ly and not leastly: Mr KOEN! So nice to hear from you! I’ve missed your presence, both here and in my special place (and I’ve no doubt you’ve missed my subtle double entendres, too). Scott hasn’t been around here much either (well, not commenting anyway), so I’ve been feeling a bit deserted by my lovely creepy Canadian stalker boys. It’s horrible when you realise your Internet stalkers have a life that doesn’t revolve entirely around you. Also, Earl seems to fail somewhat in his duties of making people quit lookin’ at me. It’s possible one should stop wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “Red Meat” into the vegetarian cafe at one’s university.
    I hope you’re well and looking after yourself.

  8. Loz Says:

    I didn’t do it.

  9. adam ford Says:

    I was at an election party where one person out of the whole party voted liberal, and she was gloating like her team’d just won the footy. i couldn’t tell if it was just that I was in a foul mood that made me think she was an idiot, but i asked my girlfriend anna about her after we left the party and she said yeah, she actually is an idiot.

    some small petty consolation from that, which is nice.

  10. Brian Says:

    Been a while since I’ve added a comment. But I have to in wholehearted agreement to all the FUCKS. It was a dark day for anyone with the slightest nous that little johnnie got back in. Those lovely Family first (not my bloody family) bods will be chucking queers like me on the same bonfire. Sweetie maybe we’ll burn all the more brightly as we have substance.

    Go girl.

    Hugs and sloppy kisses.

  11. Aimee Says:

    Gee, you write an entry on politics and it brings your friends who hardly ever comment out of the closet! As it were. Lovely to hear from you, B. And yes, I have to agree: Family First sure as hell aren’t representing my family. Then again, I am the product of a second marriage as well as a broken home, which I think would probably just add to the urge to douse me up anyway.

  12. craig Says:

    Could be worse. You could have OUR president. Or worse yet, the prospect of having four more years of this nimrod.

    As an American, I’d just like to say sorry. We don’t all suck… just the ones that vote for Bush.

  13. TimT Says:


    deep breath…

    There, that was therapeutic.
    Now, what do we have here? Another left-leaning blogger calling the millions of Australians who voted for the Liberal party stupid? Do please try and not insult them; you might actually run into one of them one day…

  14. Aimee Says:

    Ahh, that’s where you’re wrong, TimT, in presuming I never run into the voters who put this country in the situation it’s now in. I run into them all the time. You should see the dents on my bonnet…

  15. TimT Says:

    … and if that scumbag Howard hadn’t put all those restrictions on gun-ownership, I bet you’d still be shootin’ them down as fast as they came;-)

  16. Aimee Says:

    See? You understand perfectly why I loathe him so!

  17. Pharian Says:

    Yes i know, we suck. cant believe howards in again.

    /me hangs head in shame….

    I voted for the other guy! heh

    TimT, i see idiots who voted for howard all the time…. and guess what!? They are all stupid, ignorant imbeciles! U usually meet them at scummy pubs or in sporting events (both places i avoid like the plague…. the loqwest common denominator be damned)…

    And then the Yanks let George W back in….

    Were all fucked… Stoopid right wing greedy feckers who think the economy is something tangible…

    well there’s one way we can help….

    DONT WORK FOR THE BASTARDS OR BUY THEIR SHIT. If they have no employee’s then they cant function, If noone buys their stuff they make no money & will go away.


    dont work for:

    banks, stock brokers or investment firms
    car makers
    oil companies
    nestle, coke, other big food companies
    weapons makers
    large mining companies
    logging companies
    large scale fisheries
    bah the list goes on…

    ummm, lawyers r ok, without the rule of law we’d be screwed

    anyhow, enuf of my ranting

    VOTE GREEN! its time for a revolution… Bob Brown is a hero.