Back in Black*

Okay, so, my site and Stuart’s were down for a while, and some of my entries got eaten, and I was slack about reposting them.  I also lost a long, ranty entry about Google-stalking that I’m not sure I can be bothered rewriting, even despite the wonderful (?) gossip contained therein.  Stand by, normal programming will resume shortly, i.e. not very frequently.

* The Ministy for Colour Names, a division of the Ministry of Love, wishes to advise that the colour you may believe is called pink is actually called black.  It has always been called black.

2 Responses to “Back in Black*”

  1. naridu Says:

    TOG and I thought you may have disappeared for good, glad to see that won’t be the case 🙂

  2. Ian Says:

    Hi Aimee,

    Sorry about the method of approach but I need to get in touch with you. Please email me at