Call for Submissions – Lustre Magazine

New Australian webzine Lustre is seeking submissions of high-quality erotica. Their first issue is to be launched in September, with new issues published quarterly.

If I may get on my high horse for a moment (and I may, because it’s my damn blog so I’ll do as I wish), it’s about goddamn time someone did something like this. Since the demise of Australian Women’s Forum and, if I may be so egotistical, to a much lesser extent the zine I used to co-edit, Eroticus, there hasn’t been any sort of outlet in Australia for erotic writing beyond that offered by Picture magazine’s (or is it People? I always get the two confused) dubious letters pages. And you know, sometimes people want more than a dodgily written 300 word piece about a highly improbable situation involving threesomes (‘How I Discovered My Girlfriend Was Bisexual All Along’). Some of you might be thinking right about now ‘wow, Aimee, you sure know a lot about the content of this magazine you’re hanging shit on.’ I do have to confess that many a year ago I did receive a nice cheque from Mr Packer for some writing of high dubious veracity (considering it was a “true story”) and similar quality. This is what happens when you have to adhere to a magazine’s house style, and that house style consists of capitalising “naughty” words and is prone to discussing female anatomy in terms of “norks” and “beef curtains”. Sorry, that should read “NORKS!!!!” and “BEEF CURTAINS!!!”

I have no integrity.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten a little sidetracked, as is my wont. Should you want to submit something to what looks like being a fine magazine, go and check out their submissions page for more details.

Cheers to tom for letting me know about this.

2 Responses to “Call for Submissions – Lustre Magazine”

  1. shauny Says:

    beef curtains! i am gonna be traumatised by that for MONTHS! arrgh. are you going to submit some stories for lustre?

  2. Aimee Says:

    Sorry Shauny! But a trauma shared is a trauma halved, or something. And yes, planning at some point to submit something at some point. Hopefully they’ll love me. 🙂