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Take My Porn*

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007


Many things have happened since our last chat, my lovely and most likely now entirely non-existent readers. One of the things was this book coming out:

Got a Minute? cover

Containing two of my stories, ‘The Window’ and ‘Wakeup Call’, as well as a lot of other steamy short-shorts, including a story by the lovely Kathryn. Y’all can check it out here, although if you’re in Australia I highly recommend contacting these fine people and ordering it from them (it may not have reached Australian distributors yet, but they’ll have it when it does). The joy of the very short story is that you can dip in and out again quickly, which is exactly what I’ve been doing with this collection. Less than 1000 words suits my time restraints and, frankly, my attention span at the moment.

Because I am a sharing, caring kind of girl, and also because I have more books than I know what to do with (seriously…half my house consists of shelf space, I own three full-size bookshelves, and I am still. running. out. of. space. I have got to stop “adopting” books from library book sales because they “look lonely”. Maybe this is why I’m not allowed to have a pet.), I’m giving away one each of my contributor copies of both Got a Minute? and The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 6. Drop me an email stating which one you’d prefer. I am trying to find a way of indicating that I will give preference to the first people who email me without saying “first come, first served”. Nup, can’t do it. I may even throw in a mix CD, although I can’t promise it won’t be full of the kind of music that would make an emo kid say “dude, lighten up a little bit, would you? And give back my mascara.”

*You know you spend too much time on the Internet when you type that as “pron”…without meaning to.

Edit: Books accounted for!  Cheers, all!


Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

And now, in the interests of playing catch-up some more…

During my long silence, I received my contributor copies of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 6, which contains my story ‘The Mercy of Strange Men’. Amazon reckons the cover looks like this:

Which is nice, but it’s not the cover I’ve got. I really like the cover I’ve got, mostly because it mentions my name on the back cover, not once but twice. Which is most likely a typographical error, but to be honest my ego doesn’t really care about that.
There’s also this:

Which, provided the problems mentioned in the last entry sort themselves out okay, should have two of my stories, “The Window” and “Wakeup Call”. I won’t grumble again about my stupid fucking computer losing its will to live, but understand that I will continue to feel bitter about it for some time. Are we sorted? Okay. Great.
Having pretty pictures to show of reminds me that I would be a fine thing to actually do some writing for once. Or rather, some fiction writing for once, as I seem to be all about the nonfiction recently. For the past several years, I’ve made it a yearly goal to have something to submit to Best Lesbian Erotica. I’ve managed to meet that goal less that 50% of the time, which is pretty lame. And considering that I started back at school today and I’m studying non-fiction this year, I doubt I’ll have the kick up the arse of duty to motivate me (although I will be starting work on a non-fiction project I’ve wanted to work on for over two years but have been too scared to start, so that’s something). So! Must! Make! Fake! Words! Happen!

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate it. I hope you had a good one. The most erotic thing I did today was smear Stuart’s chest with pesto, and it wasn’t even a sex thing, he just got in my way while I was trying to cook. I’m not sure if this means that the romance has fled our relationship, or if it’s just basil-flavoured now.

Update: I just found the cover I’ve got here. They mention me twice too, and manage spell my surname incorrectly both times. Not sure who that Aimee Nicoles chick is, but she’d better not be taking credit for my work.


Sunday, June 25th, 2006

I just received an email from Maxim Jakubowski telling me that he’s accepted my short story “The Mercy of Strange Men” for his latest anthology The Mammoth Book of Erotica 6 (a title chosen because it’s a large anthology, not because it features erotica about mammoths. To the best of my knowledge). This is the story that won Palmprint Publications’s short story competition last year. I am now thinking of retitling it “The Freaky Little BDSM Story That Could,” although that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

If it weren’t for the fact that I should have been in bed hours ago and have just cleaned my teeth, I’d have a drink to celebrate.

First-Timers Book Out Now

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

First-Timers: True Stories of Lesbian Awakening

I was very excited the other day to receive my contributor copies of First-Timers: True Stories of Lesbian Awakening, edited by the lovely Rachel Kramer Bussel (who I’d think was lovely even if she hadn’t selected my story, honest).

I’ve not had a chance to read much of it yet but it looks divine – that gorgeous cover! – and features stories from some fabulous erotica writers. My own little story is sandwiched in between stories by Audacia Ray and Alison Tyler, which is certainly very good company to be in.

I don’t think I mentioned my acceptance into this anthology when it originally occurred, but I seem to recall it happening around the time I was having a bit of a great run with getting stories accepted, which is always a nice feeling: they like me, they really like me! And my dirty mind, too!

Go check it out over at Amazon if you are so inclined. Which I personally think you should be.

Update 25/04/06: I’ve received word that First-Timers will be available from its Australian distributor in May.  You should be able to order it in at any good bookstore (or even some of the crappy ones).  Bliss for Women should have it as a matter of course, and it might be in Borders’ woefully inadequate lesbian fiction section.

Happy (Dirty) Dancing

Monday, May 16th, 2005

I’ve just had a short story of mine, “Down in the Park”, accepted for publication in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006, which will be out through Alyson in December. Those of you who attended Lustre’s launch last December may have hazy memories of me reading it.

I am, naturally, very excited. It’s been a while since I’ve had anything anthologized (possibly because it’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything for publication), and this particular story has always been a pet favourite of mine out of my erotica, even though the couple of times I’ve sent it out to play it’s come home with its shoelaces undone snivelling about the other stories kicking sand in its face, so to speak.

I just signed the contract over dinner, and then hastily wiped small smears of refried bean off it. It seems that, much like drinking and driving, burritoing and writing isn’t a good idea.