Don’t Mess with the Hussy

Although still very much in its infancy, Intergalactic Hussy is already proving a force to be reckoned with. Just six weeks ago I wrote this scathing review of the completely non-shitheap-like publication B magazine, which entered my life through a subscription given to my housemate Eliza. I received the news yesterday that after several years of supplying The News You Need to Know to people who think Sex and the City is, like, totally like real life, B is closing down its operations. Which just goes to show the power this little tiny blog here already wields. Even if at the moment the only people reading it are those who’ve been following me around my various Interweb haunts for years, and the odd misled Googler.

Of course, the problem this brings up for me personally, and the other inhabitants of my house (not least Eliza, of course), is that the subscription still has a while to go. Which means that Pacific Publications, the publisher of B needs to honour the rest of Eliza’s subscription period by giving her a subscription to another magazine. Out of the choice they have given her, the pick is Family Circle. Oh how I wish that were a joke.

3 Responses to “Don’t Mess with the Hussy”

  1. Caz Says:

    Dude you should have asked for TV Hits or Girlfriend. Such magazines are a goldmine of snark if you ever need something to mock.

  2. Jonas Says:

    Family Cirlce! ACP has got great magazines: Motor, Wheels, Aust Computer and The Bulletin.

  3. Aimee Says:

    Ah, but Jonas, none of those titles were offered as a replacement subscription! That’s the bugger of it! And Caz, I tried to convince Eliza to get Girlfriend or better yet, Total Girl (the magazine for girls who still have to learn to suck before they can swallow), but she wasn’t having a bar of it. Corn nuts.