Fun With Context

A couple of nights ago, after a delicious dinner at Kake di Hatti, Deirdre, Titian and I were wandering down Lygon St, en route to my car. There was a slight lag in conversation, and we were all paying attention to different things. I’m not sure what Titian was looking at, but Deirdre was looking in the window of a Turkish restaurant, and I was looking at Pickwood Lodge, a licensed brothel which surely has some of the classiest and most original adverts in all of Melbourne.

Enraptured as my attention was, you can understand my momentary confusion when Deirdre suddenly exclaimed “hey, that man has a hookah!”

4 Responses to “Fun With Context”

  1. adam ford Says:

    Ah, Pickwood. The only brothel to put a sandwich blackboard out on the footpath in the afternoon, advertising their lunchtime specials.

  2. Aimee Says:

    Really? I’ve never seen it. That’s hilarious. And by “hilarious”, I mean “really quite horrific and disturbing”.

  3. adam Says:

    yeah, it was something like the commodification-of-women version of pie and a pot for four bucks…

  4. Stuart Says:

    Imagine Aimee’s face when we were walking by and I asked if she would like greek or french for lunch. 🙂