Getting in Touch with my McCarthyist Side

Forgive me as I go a little kids-say-the-darnedest-things for a moment here, and recount a recent conversation with my three year old nephew, Myles.
At a family lunch at my mother’s house, Myles realised that something was missing, and that something was Stuart, that weird guy who can usually be sweet-talked into playing “crickbat” for hours on end.

Myles: Where is Stuart today, Aimee?
Me: He’s in Sydney today, Myles. He had to go there for work.
Myles: [frowns] Work is bad.
I laugh. My sister Elise, also known as “Mummy” to a select few, interjects:
Elise: Yes, but people have to go to work so they can earn money.
Myles: Money is bad!
Me: I think you’re raising yourself a little commie there, Elise. [My mum and Elise laugh.] Myles, are you a communist?
Myles: No!
Me: Are you a [pause for effect] Marxist?
Myles: [decides this is a great game] No! [Grins]
Me: Are you a…Trotskyist?
Myles: No! [Vigorously shakes head while grinning]
Me: Are you a…Maoist?
Myles: NO!
Me: Hmm. Are you, perhaps, a…Leninist?
Myles: Noooooooo! [Giggles and pokes his tongue out at me]

Sadly, considering my shoddy performance in first-year politics (half-baked essays and lots of snort-laughing at my political theory lecturer’s technological mishaps and slightly strange sense of humour), this is the deepest political conversation I’ve been able to lead in quite a while.

3 Responses to “Getting in Touch with my McCarthyist Side”

  1. liah Says:

    Maybe he’s joined a cult?

    Or a budding stoner?

  2. adam Says:

    always fun having conversations with wee children that involve slightly more sophisticated concepts, no matter how they’re wielded. i sometimes wonder, when i’m doing it, how the memory of these conversations will surface in the child’s later life…

  3. Nous Says:

    I once chatted with a 7 year old who dissected the last Harry Potter movie with stunning intellectual insight. Maybe I’m just an old fart.

    Glad you’re back, Aimee. Get them juices flowin 🙂