Gimme Little Sign (That You’ve Got the Wrong Number)

This morning someone rang my mobile asking for what sounded like Peter Andre.

I can see where someone might find similarities between me and a sixpacksome, ugly-model-impregnating hasbeen of nineties pop, but I had to point out to them that they had the wrong number.

They seemed really affronted, as if they thought I might just be pretending not to be Peter Andre for my own malicious purposes. They were reluctant to hang up the call, even though my call display showed they were ringing from Sydney at a peak time.

Perhaps I should have sung “Mysterious Girl” at them. That would have not only proven my not-Peter-Andre status once and for all, but also gotten them off the line quick smart.

2 Responses to “Gimme Little Sign (That You’ve Got the Wrong Number)”

  1. kathryn Says:

    please tell me you don’t know the words…

  2. Aimee Says:

    I was a young, impressionable child when Monsieur Andre was in his heyday. Hence, I probably did know the words at one stage.

    If I had to sing it today, though, I’d be all “Whoaohohohohohhhhh, mysterious girl! I wanna! Get! Close to you!” And that would be the extent of it.

    I make no apologies for the effects of my childhood suffering.