Gone Fishin’

I won’t be around again until sometime much later in the week. Like all good smug marrieds, Stu and I are going away for a jaunt in the country for a wee while. We leave in a few hours. Am I excited? Fuck yeah. This will be the third time we’ve been away together but the first ‘proper’ time, the other occasions being a trip to Queensland late last year for family purposes, and a weekend earlier last year where we spent the entire time in bed…asleep. Kids, if you’re going away somewhere nice, try to make sure that you catch up on sleep and recover from your working week before you leave.

It will be nice to get away from stuff for a while, and to have some time just to relax and chill out. We’re heading up to the Dandenongs, where I haven’t been in ages, hence the excitement. Mmm, mid-winter bushwalking! Also possibly horse riding, although Stu is a bit sus of that one. He’s just recently purchased a digitial camera too (snap snap, grin grin) so there will no doubt be plenty of instances of me telling him to take photos of the pretty scenery, and discovering he’s taken several shots of my arse as I walk ahead of him.

We’ll be staying in a darling little B&B with no small children in sight to boot, which makes me feel absolutely yuptastic. I’m not sure if I can redeem myself from this, even though I will be yupping out while working on some particularly odd pieces of fiction (by my own standards) and clad in non-traditional yuppie couture such as my Red Meat Bug-Eyed Earl t-shirt.

It’ll be swell. See you sometime later in the week!

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