Heart Attack

Today I experienced what it feels like to think you’ve accidentally deleted the final draft of one of your thesis chapters.

I think the feeling can be described as “your heart dropping into your stomach, which is being pounded by sledgehammers”.

And now that I’ve experienced it, I never want to have that feeling again.

It was especially galling considering I’m a compulsive backer-upperer. For twenty heart-stopping minutes I thought I was going to have to retype the chapter in its 8500 word entirety from my hard copy nearest-to-done draft. Which I don’t really have time to do, given that I have to hand it in to my supervisor on Monday, and the whole thing is due Monday week (yes, 24th of October, not the end of September as I was mistakenly and heart-attack-inducingly told earlier).

Fortunately, it was purely a file-naming error on my part. And I found a backup anyway. But dear GOD that was frightening. My thesis is due in ten days. TEN DAYS! Eeek!

I must give a shoutout to Stu here, however, who rang me after I sent him a my-life-is-over kind of text message, and offered to retype it for me while I worked on the other chapter. I will be downloading Salt N Peppa’s “Whatta Man” just so I can do an interpretive dance to it just for him.

I had just enough time to finish both my heart attack and my coffee before I had to come to work today. And might I add, listening to Tori Amos songs about miscarriage while already in a tearful and fraught state of mind? Soooo not a good idea.

2 Responses to “Heart Attack”

  1. Dirk Thruster Says:

    Interpretive dance? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  2. Jeff Says:

    “I was out by myself in the graveyard, I was doing an interpretive dance, when I felt something heavy and pointed, strike me in the back of my neck, and then the ghost of my dance instructor, pushed me down into an open grave, and as dirt rained down, she played a xylophone and sang me this song…”

    That’s what I thought of when you said that shit about Salt N Peppa. Dogspeed on the thesis.