Helpful Tips for Social Interaction

Note to self: when required to spend time in a public area such as a suburban shopping centre, it is a good idea to take the random assortment of hardcore pornography out of your backpack first.

4 Responses to “Helpful Tips for Social Interaction”

  1. Chris Says:

    Are you kidding? And lose an ideal conversation-starter? No wonder fine up-standing citizens don’t talk to me – clearly i don’t carry ENOUGH hard core pronography around in my back pack to attract the right people. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Stu Says:

    I usually remember this right when the checkout chick says “may I check your bag, sir?”

    …only joking. They don’t usually call me “sir”.

  3. Scott Says:

    Oh come on. I know there’s a story behind this one.

  4. Bronwyn Says:

    You could go one worse, there’s this guy I know, let’s call him ‘Tristan’ … no, that’s too obvious, how about ‘Mr N’, who was sitting down in a lovely old ladies cafe in Mt Eliza with his Dad, having one of those family bonding moments. When suddenly his Dad pulled an S&M magazine out of his bag and said “Maybe you’d like to have this”. Now initially he was troubled in that his father thought he should have an S&M magazine, but then flicked through the pages and realized there was a photo of himself and a girlfriend in full heavy metal goth gear in the social pages, which his father had spotted. Now the layers of wrongness are multiple. His father bought and reads S&M magazines. His father found a photo of him in one of them. He was at a party in heavy metal goth gear … the list could go on really. Things are always so much worse when it is somebody you know, whereas only joy can come from embarrassing strangers!