Hooray for Prodigal Sisters

My sister Anna is visiting. From England. For the first time in two years.

Despite (or perhaps because of?) Honours committments and working five days a week at the moment (I am very much looking forward to the vacant positions at work being filled, so as I may go back to earning less money but having time to study, scratch myself, etc), we’ve been having a blast.

I picked her up from the airport the Friday before last, after she’d tried to pretend a friend was coming over and I told her I couldn’t pick the “friend” up because I was working. Realising there was no was she could keep the secret and get a lift, she let me in on the secret, and there was much excitement and begging off work on my part.

I took her to St Kilda because she wanted to go to the beach and it was the easiest and closest place. After a pleasant wander along the foreshore, during which I tried to convince her of the delights of the Espy and she looked rather dubious (“But it’s meant to be manky!”), we wandered up to Acland St for coffee and cake. In the time it took to determine which shop we would go into, we saw several homeless people, a guy sitting at an outside table who had either pissed himself or spilt his bottle of wine all over his lap and the pavement around him, and I got hit up for money by strangers twice.
“Welcome back to Melbourne!” I said to Anna, spreading my arms expansively and nearly clotheslining a guy who was trying to get past me.

Saturday I took her down to see the rest of the family. Mum had had the surprise ruined when one of Anna’s friends rang up asking to speak to her (whoops), but we caught our other sister, Elise, completely by surprise, thanks partly to the help of her husband. Family reunion shenanigans ensued, and I managed to avoid getting vomited on by my infant niece, which is always a plus.

Anna’s visit is slowly drawing to a close, which I’m not looking forward to. We’re doing something social this Friday night, unsure as to what just yet. Next Tuesday will be a sisterly bonding session, where I will take Anna to my waxer after having assured her it “hardly hurts at all!” We’ll see how the sisterly bond is going after that experience, I suppose.

One Response to “Hooray for Prodigal Sisters”

  1. beth Says:

    Having your sister visit is great, but I am particularly impressed with your use of the word ‘manky’. Happy waxing.