It’s Almost Like I’ve Been to Finishing School

I have completely managed to avoid calling anyone “cunt eyes” today. Out loud, anyway.

Which considering that today has consisted of dealing with some choice examples of humanity, bashing out a media release after realising what I wrote last week was utter pigshite, and working on the chapter of my thesis that’s due in final draft form TOMORROW, is quite amazing really. Especially since in some cases, it was so richly deserved.

Motherfuckers can order their own freakin’ books from slackarsed distributors if they’re that damn sure they can do it better than my company. You try dealing with a distributor who “forgets” to send you your urgent shipment of books. For a month.

You’d think people would have learned not to fuck with me by now, given my Mafia connections. Even if by “Mafia”, I mean “my Uncle Wayne with a crowbar”.

2 Responses to “It’s Almost Like I’ve Been to Finishing School”

  1. Dirk Thruster Says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a witty rejoinder to “my Uncle Wayne with a crowbar”, but I got nothin’.

  2. naridu Says:

    Ooh I noticed you have Momo linked there too…did you know she’s started up a new blog again?