Mmm, Cultural

For the first time in a while, I’ll actually have something resembling an active social life this weekend. Not only that, but one that caters to several different interests, as well. Tonight I’m heading out to the Night Cat to dance (lurch?) the night away with my visiting sis plus a few of the usual suspects. Tomorrow night I’m going to a debate about poetry form (I’ve had trouble finding people to go with me; I can’t for the life of me imagine why), then heading over to the particular manky pub mentioned in the previous entry to catch the Sailors and the Onyas. I feel the gig will complement the debate well, given the poetry inherent in many of the Sailors’ lyrics. Particularly “Swashbuckling Faggots”.

Last night I had this truly bizarre dream where shape-shifting zombies were taking over the world and hunting me down. I had to rely on an old ex-boyfriend to protect me, even though in the dream his new hobby was collecting photos of decapitated women with blue dots drawn on their chins. I thought his presence as a saviour was odd when I woke up, since given the choice between him and flesh-eating, swordfish-turning-into zombies, I’d pick the zombies every time.
I have now learned my lesson: it is a bad idea to read Dorothy Porter’s poetry before going to sleep. Not that there’s shape-shifting zombies in The Monkey’s Mask (and it’s such a good book that, unlike so many other things, it doesn’t even need them), but I do feel it asserted its influence in the recurring motif of dead women with decomposing faces. Which was thoroughly delightful, really.

2 Responses to “Mmm, Cultural”

  1. adam ford Says:

    How was the poetry forum? I was planning on going but I’m in hell week of the insane at the moment. next free night is… sometime in october…

    if you’re still up for some poetry love, come see me read this friday at the cape lounge on brunswick street – the old anz building on the corner of johnston. i’m on about 7ish.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I went to that Sailors gig! And Swashbuckling Faggots is MY favourite Sailors song, too! Yeah!