More Tentacles = More Fun!

Liah sent me the link to this story (I know that’s not a static link, but I don’t know what to do about it). I found it pretty interesting, because giant squids are pretty cool, although the first few lines alarmed me somewhat:

“The giant squid is not especially choosy when it comes to sex and will mate blind without checking if the object of its affections is male or female, a German researcher said today.”

I think I have dated giant squids in the past without knowing it. Not insulting myself or anything, because I’m pretty hot in a mentally disturbed shut-in kind of way. That description just seems to fit more than a few of my, uh, “special friends” of the past.


“Until now, it was thought males injected themselves with sperm by accident during mating. But that is definitely not the case here: the sperm was clearly injected by another giant squid.”

That’s totally how I found out one of my high school boyfriends was bisexual.

One Response to “More Tentacles = More Fun!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    My favorite part was the other theory about group sex!