Ramblings: My Sad Life, and Glenn Danzig

Due to Melbourne’s freakish flash floods of last night, the park across from my house is now sporting a rather large, if shallow, lake. I stood in our driveway this morning, watching dogs gleefully running through it while their human companions ran behind them waving their arms about. It was oddly relaxing.

I’m having a bit of a fraught time at work at the moment, owing to several factors I’ll refrain from going into at length, but which are all of the Hell-is-other-people variety. I’ve been trying to keep my mind off work but that’s very difficult given the amount of time I’m spending there at the moment. And people wonder why I laugh loudly and sarcastically to their comments of “working in a library must be nice and stress-free!”. Fuckers.

Caught up with my friend Claire on Wednesday, and we wandered around the CBD chatting and looking at stupidly overpriced clothing and accessories. She distinguished herself by being about the fourth friend in recent times to tell me that my boyfriend is creepy and leers at me a lot. I think I can deal, however. Leering rates more highly in my books than, say, neglecting to tell me you have a pregnant wife, or “justifying” cheating on me by huffily explaining that you weren’t aware that I was so “stiflingly traditional”, or petulantly asking me “why don’t you look more like the girls in Penthouse?”.

Not that I’m bitter. Not bitter at all.

Incidentally, my response to the Penthouse inquiry was to patiently explain that I don’t actually carry an airbrush with me everywhere I go, hence it would be quite difficult for me to look like one of their girls. Apparently that was the wrong response. Apparently I was supposed to take him seriously.

Back on topic, I had a lovely day with Claire, and managed to drag the poor dear into Missing Link’s new shop. I hadn’t been in there for ages, not since before they moved. I really like the new premises. They’re much bigger and decorated really well, and also can’t be described as “dank”. I bought Le Tigre’s Feminist Sweepstakes, although I’m yet to listen to it because I am slack, and also currently obsessed with the Bobbyteens (more on them later), and seem to have developed an inability to listen to anything but their Not So Sweet LP. Sometimes there is scantily-clad air guitar action. It’s quite tragic really.

I also read a back issue of Terrorizer metal magazine (you have to say it in this deep scary voice like you’re one of Satan’s pimpled pubescent minions, or else it just ain’t right). I made fun of Glenn Danzig a lot. Yeah, I know, I really pick the hard targets. The hard targets with open leather vests stretched over their huge, flabby and excessively hairy chests, no less.

This evening I’m off to Brunswick St to catch up with from friends from Uni, which will be lovely because I’ve not seen most of them since late November. I am bad at keeping in contact/catching up with people. I was going to go to the Drag King Extravaganza at the Hi-Fi tomorrow night, but that’s fallen through (as in, Sonya my date is unable to go. The Extravaganza is still happening). I’m disappointed but I also have the feeling I’ll be asleep by 10pm tomorrow night and thus won’t be in a position to worry too much. Working early Saturday mornings has a tendency to do that to me. Because I’m not already sad enough as it is.

10 Responses to “Ramblings: My Sad Life, and Glenn Danzig”

  1. Erik Says:

    Yeah, I sure hate one of the most inspirational and revolutionary musicians of all time too. I mean what was his problem.

  2. Aimee Says:

    BWAHAHAHA! Thanks dude, that was gold!

  3. HellCat Says:

    Id like to see a picture of your flabby chest. BIATCH!

  4. Aimee Says:

    And I’d like to see a picture of your tiny dick. Is this really the best you can do? Attempt sad little “insulting” comments on a blog entry that’s nearly six months old? You obviously have a very rich and fulfilling life.

  5. HellCat Says:

    Im not the one typing my shortcomings and innane chatter on some fuckin half assed attempt at attention you cunt.

  6. Aimee Says:

    Of course not, sweetheart, of course not. You’re just the one getting very, very upset about someone’s opinions about a talentless has-been hack of a “musician”. More power to you and your inability to spell or use correct grammar! I finally see the error of my ways and will shut down this site immediately. Thank you for showing me the (dark) light, Enlightened Totally Non-Moronic One!

  7. glenn_danzigs_bitch Says:

    i don’t care if glenn’s chest is flabby and hairy it’s how i love him not his body!!!! so go to hell you ass!!!

  8. drew Says:

    north side kings are un-duh-feated!


  9. Morgee Says:

    Stuff happens.Danzig vs. NSK’s… I’m a college student who studys political sciences… I mean come guys talk first then kick ass.But I mean Danzig’s cute..

  10. 3 Year Late Says:

    Man! Danzig does suck! But let’s give props where props are due! “Mother” rocks my socks! It’s soooo good! I mean, have you ever tried playing that fucking song on Guitar Hero? Brings the fucking house down every time!