Holy fuck. I got First Class Honours.

I am over the moon and possibly a couple of planets. I never expected to do this well; I was hoping for Second Class, Division A, and expecting a lot worse. I was really worried how my thesis would be received, as it doesn’t adhere strongly to any particular theoretical framework, although given the subject matter and the person who wrote it, it does borrow heavily from feminist theory. It’s just not, strictly speaking, a feminist literary theory kind of thesis.

After I found out, my friends Mairghread and LJ found me in the Union building, tearful and smiling inanely. Hugs were given and received. Reactions from my friends and family have generally been of the “Congratulations! Also, duh” variety. My brother-in-law asked who I’d bribed, because he’s a sweetie like that. Stuart, when I rang him at work, shouted “HAHAHA! In your FACE!”, which probably destroyed his reputation as a quiet, well-mannered young man. He has no time for my self-doubt. My favourite reaction, though, was from my father, the blokey-bloke working class hero: he burst into tears.

I’m on a high, and while my cynical inner voice is already trying to point out that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, I am going to ignore it and spend the next little while telling myself that the world is my slimy mollusc.

9 Responses to “S-M-R-T”

  1. Keziah Hill Says:

    Congratulations Aimee, that’s great news.

  2. Liah Says:

    Congratulations! Also duh!
    😀 😀 😀

    I’m very, very happy for you.

  3. amateur interpreter Says:

    Nice work, now you’re going to have to update your sidebar 🙂

  4. Aimee Says:

    Ha! I know. I was hoping to get to it before anyone noticed. There goes that plan.

  5. Nous Says:

    Speech! Speech!

  6. Beth Says:

    Too cool! Congratulations!! The world IS actually your very own slimy mollusc.

  7. ratchel Says:

    I’m a total random who reads ur journal and I dont know you but thats really awesome news… hahaha!!

  8. adam Says:

    Hey, well done!

    Can I read it?

    I was at my parents’ house recently and picked up Bastard out of Carolina because of our chat about it at the Voiceworks launch and I frickin’ loved it.

  9. Neo Says:

    Good work, webmaster! Nice site!