She has a typewriter, but there is no sign of ‘Hamlet’

This site has a habit of going down for no particularly discernible reason as far as I can tell. Everything seems to be fixed now, thanks to Stu’s efforts, and I’d like to apologise for the disruption to the two people who read this page.

This blog seems to currently suffering the curse of “All I write about are minor events in my life”. I apologise for that, and can only promise that I will make all efforts to write slightly more interesting content in the coming weeks. The problem is that my life is simultaneously incredibly stressful and incredibly boring at the moment, and the stressful side of things is taking up so much headspace and energy that I can barely think of anything else. And I’m even more fun in real life right now! If by fun you mean cranky, tearful and wracked with hayfever.

One of the more happy-making things that’s happened recently is that I won a short story competition. In addition to providing an obvious and much-needed confidence boost (because I was starting to think people only liked my writing when it contained reference to having sex with Jesus in public toilet cubicles), it’s also reaffirmed my belief that if I keep toiling away as I have been and keep squaring up for rejection everytime I submit something, eventually it will pay off. Or, to put it the way I’ve been putting it to myself, I’ve realised that if I keep screeching and flinging my faeces about, eventually someone will give me a banana.

4 Responses to “She has a typewriter, but there is no sign of ‘Hamlet’”

  1. adam ford Says:

    Hey Aimee, well done! what competition was it? and what was the story about?

  2. Tess Says:

    Dude! Go you! 😀

  3. kathryn Says:

    Congratulations on the competition win!

  4. jafa Says:

    Hi Aimee, forget Hamlet and forget conventional publishing, with their other agendas. I’ve just read you for the first time and I like your engaging style. You can put two words together, so be your own publisher. As time brings more confidence, stories will come to you. Cheers,