Super Happy Fun Stress Heart Attack!

The big news I received today was a letter from Uni informing me that I have been offered conditional acceptance to begin Honours in English Literature at the beginning of next semester. Hurrah! Also, eep! Honours has always been part of the Great Uni Plan for me (other parts of the Great Uni Plan, or GUP, have consisted of staying awake during lectures and trying to avoid clueing my tutors into the fact that, while I do a lot of additional reading for tutorials as well as essays, I have a terrible tendency to make stuff up as I go along). I’ve wondered at times if it was going to happen, or if I was making the right decision, all that sort of thing. The truth is, though, that it’s what I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, and if I really thought I was going to get nothing out of all this, I would never have studied Arts in the first place. The humanities are what I’ve always had a passion for, and I consider my undergraduate degree to be the building blocks for the education and to some extent the life I want. I think this is potentially a very expensive way of looking at things.

I did mention that the offer is conditional. It’s conditional only on my passing this semester; I’ve met all the other Honours criteria already. Unless I am very much mistaken and have overestimated my academic performance this semester, I don’t think passing is going to be a problem. It’s been a hectic and stressful semester but I’ve come out of it relatively successfully, even if in the aftermath my brain has run screaming into the ether. Hence, it’s pretty unlikely that I won’t be starting Honours in a couple of weeks, and about a week after I find out for sure. I love the timely manner in which Monash administrates things.

I’m pleased, and excited, and a little dazed. I’ve been preparing for this for a while; I’ve even had a couple of meetings with my thesis supervisor, and I’ve picked my coursework subject for the coming semester (not that that was hard, given there was a choice of three, one of which I have absolutely no interest in and one of which is run by the creepyass professor I like to call King Leer). It all just feels kind of strange; I feel a little displaced or something, but I couldn’t tell you why.

My family are all really happy for me, and were very excited when I rang them all today. My brother-in-law in particular was very enthusiastic and chatty, but I think that might have been less to do with him wanting to be congratulatory and supportive and more to do with the fact that my sister has just gone back to work and he’s looking after the kids, and he’s desperate to have a conversation with someone who can form full sentences and isn’t prone to discussing the antics of Maisy the Mouse at length.

In other news, my nine-month-old niece took her first steps on Monday. It’s been something of a bumper week for my family so far.

3 Responses to “Super Happy Fun Stress Heart Attack!”

  1. Gem Says:

    Hooray! Another great blog to add to my list of great blogs. I’m coming back to perouse in more depth when I have more time and I dare say I shall stick a link on my blog, if you don’t mind? I like your stuff.

  2. adam ford Says:

    hey, congratumafuckinglations, aimee! big damn brain, you.

    whatcha gonna thesisise (ie, the verb conjunction of “thesis”) on?

  3. Aimee Says:

    Thanks, Gem 🙂

    And thanks, Adam. The nerves have well and truly kicked in. Precise thesis question is still being formulated, but I’ll be writing about Dorothy Allison’s work, and my supervisor keeps hinting that she’d love it if I wrote about Adrienne Rich’s work as well, which I might because I love Rich’s poetry. I’m still determining what angle I’ll write from because there’s a lot to cover and I’m interested in a lot of the issues they both explore. I’m thinking of going with how they both explore silence in their work, but I’m also interested in how Allison makes such strong links between gender and class in her fiction. This probably sounds very vague and up in the air, and that’s because it is. I’m still formulating ideas at this stage. I’m sure I’ll be bleating about it a lot on here for the next, oh, year. Chrrrist. What am I getting myself into?!