Tales from the Library

This is a true story. Happened to a friend of a friend of mine…

Actually, it is a true story. I still work at the library, but not so much these days, due to the fact that they don’t give me as many shifts as they used to. But a friend and colleague of mine, whom I’ll refer to as Tish because that’s her name, keeps me in the loop with everything. She kindly agreed to let me post this anecdote from an email she sent me recently:

“One of the borrowers came into the library today and while I was checking his books through he commented that it was getting dark so early now. I said that at least we were past the solstice now …meaning that soon it would start getting lighter. That’s not how he took it.

“Instead he started telling me about how he’s a seventh level wizard (the highest level) and through numerology and his gypsy bloodline on the day of the solstice time stops, the Egyptian gods of 5000 years ago pass through and come alive, and he transcends to a higher state of consciousness – the ‘Jesus’ level. He also told me that he was a Buddhist and he had to be very careful as those powers can be used to kill.

“Then he pointed to the book I was putting through for him (Numerology for Dummies) and told me that was why he needed the book.

“I just kept thinking ‘must…keep…straight…face.’

“I swear to God I’m not making any of that up.

“Also there was a man who thought people were spying on him through Microsoft Word, but he wasn’t as funny.”

After two and a half years of working in this very special sector of the public service, I can attest that one could not make this shit up if one tried.

5 Responses to “Tales from the Library”

  1. kathryn Says:

    that is hilarious.

  2. Steph-de-TIC Says:

    Aimee: that’s awesome.

    I’m doing cataloging homework. My textbook outlines how to catalog a book written by “the spirit” of a person. I swear…maybe we’re too open-minded.

  3. Nous Says:

    *does the dance* Go Aimee, go Aimee, It’s your birthday etc etc etc

    Grats on the library cataloguing! Humans have done stranger things. Count yourself lucky.

    Will badger you for coffee soon me dear.



  4. Rubydot Says:

    Ye gods. Which library is that? I just became a member of my local library and was sorely disappointed by the non-kookiness of my fellow library-goers. Oh wait, you mean a university library. No explanation necessary.

  5. Aimee Says:

    No, I mean a public library, Rubydot. 🙂

    I imagine if I worked in a Uni library, it would be more about the spoilt rich kids whining about not being able to get the books they want than it would be about the kooks. Also, I don’t actually think you tend to encounter the kooks as a patron – generally you need to be a member of staff. My local public library (which isn’t the one I work at) seems kook-free, but I bet the staff could correct me on that. Generally as a patron you’ll only notice kooks if they try to start a screaming match with the staff, they approach you, or if you’re standing close enough to hear them in the queue as they’re being served.