The Bobbyteens: Not So Sweet

I picked up the Bobbyteens’ LP Not So Sweet at Au Go Go’s closing down sale. I wasn’t able to listen to it instore due to their CD player being disconnected (it was their last day of trade, so fair enough), but I had a hunch that they’d be a band that I’d like. A combination of the kitsch and slyly humourous sleeve art, featuring the band as 50s era teenage delinquents, and the fact that I have some sort of instinct for records I’ll like even without having heard the band was enough to make me fork out my hardearned.

I’m so glad I did. Not So Sweet grew on me slowly over the first couple of listens, but soon I began to find myself humming ‘Blind Date’ as I went about my day, or tapping out the riffs of ‘I’m Alright’ or ‘Let’s Get It On’ on tables, my laptop, and my acquaintances. It’s since taken its place as one of my most-listened to records, guaranteed to get me out of a funk or hype me up even further. The Bobbyteens play raucous, sleazy garage punk rock with plenty of hooks and a lot of attitude. Staying true to their name and cover art, most of the songs have a retro feel to them, and are often about sex and dating and being the ‘bad girl’ from a 1950s perspective. The memorable opening track ‘Liquid Love’ turns rock’s old My-Sharona-sleazy-old-man dynamic on its head, and sets the scene for the rest of the songs.

In terms of the ubiquitous comparison to another band (I think they’ve made it mandatory for reviewers to do that, yeah?), the Bobbyteens sound like the Donnas would if the Donnas actually knew how to write interesting songs and had some non-record-label mandated attitude. I suppose I could have just said that the Bobbyteens are better than the Donnas, but there’s no slagging off opportunity in that, is there?

Anyone who likes fast, hard and fun punk rock would probably benefit from checking out the Bobbyteens.

Their official site can be found here.

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