The Good, the Bad and the Ugh


The Good: Discovered yesterday that I received an HD for my major essay for Literary Theory last semester, which was a lovely surprise, considering I thought I was absolutely shit at the subject and that my essay was crap, even though I busted arse getting it done. However, I am more than happy to defer to the better judgement of someone else when they think nicer things about me than I do.

The Bad: Also yesterday, I found out that my all-time favourite professor, the man who has been a fabulous mentor and enthusiastic supporter of my endeavors for years, has cancer. Fortunately the doctors caught it early and he’s undergoing chemotherapy at the moment, so hopefully he’ll make a complete recovery. It’s a shock when someone you know who’s normally so healthy and energetic has something like this happen to them; a reminder of human frailty, which is something I, for one, don’t particularly like being reminded of. I’m thinking of him a lot and trying to compose a letter that doesn’t sound mawkish and stupid. It’s not so successful so far.

The Ugh: My thesis is actually due two weeks earlier than the date I was originally told it was, making it due at the end of September. On one hand this is good because the end is in sight finally and I have something to work for, but on the other hand I kind of need those extra two weeks. Oh well. We’ll see how I go.

Updates may be even more sporadic than usual as I focus on slaying the Thesis Beast, but then again I might kick into procrastination mode and finish those long entries that are currently saved as drafts in Movable Type. Who knows. If only ridding myself of Thesis Beast was as simple as my nephew’s method of ridding himself of Daddymonster: I would dearly love to hide under a table for a while (taking a much larger companion with me, natch), then jump out screaming “RAHHHH!” and run away, and still get first class honours for my efforts.

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  1. gypped Says:

    good luck my dear! the last time I saw you, you were dressed in latex and you were drunken and it was cold. now, it’s just cold. I’m guessing.