The Trouble With Names

Unable to sleep on Sunday night, I entertained myself with reading the parts of Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing that I hadn’t yet encountered. While it had me cackling madly for much of the night, it did keep me up quite late and I was a little worse for wear at Uni on Monday.

For one of my history subjects, we had a guest lecturer who gave a fantastic lecture and was really engaging. She spoke about the last 100 years or so of South African history, obviously largely apartheid but about other things as well. Unfortunately, my brain hadn’t quite gotten over the horror of finding out that someone, somewhere named their baby Karryllinne (because that spelling will ensure that their baby turns out unique and special, not like all those nasty Carolyns and Carolines), so I wasn’t entirely present mentally. Which turned out to be a bad thing indeed, as I got an image of two women, not unlike Kath and Kim, saying “Apartheid! That would make a really nice name!”. As a result of that, I sat there tittering to myself, right as the lecturer was talking about some particularly horrific examples of racially-motivated violence.

I can’t help but feel that this makes me A Bad Person.

5 Responses to “The Trouble With Names”

  1. KOEN Says:

    Aaah, Aimee. Yet another fine example of you upholding your part of the equation for us meeting up in HELL. Keep up the good work. A life of evil deeds is cheaper than a plane ticket around the world. 😉

  2. Ruth Says:

    I LOVE parents who clearly want a boy, but get a daughter, and decide to give them a modified boy’s name, anyway. It’s like they’re saying, “Well, you weren’t born a boy, so we’re just going to punish you for the rest of your life, you little bitch.”

    The two best I’ve come across so far are Ralpheen and Willissa.

  3. Stu Says:

    This slashdot story about “People with real l337 speak names” [] may be an April fools joke, but has some good comments about bad names for children.

  4. Aimee Says:

    Ralpheen. Heh. Ralpheen Wiggumia. Also in this naming vein is Nigella, no matter what Ms Lawson might say it means. I’m going for the Terry Pratchett meaning, personally: “oops, we wanted a boy”.

    And can I just say, oh my god, after years and years of reading my various webjournals, my boyfriend actually deigns to leave a comment! (Sorry, KOEN, I’m referring to my *real* boyfriend here.) Wow. It’s like being touched in my special area by a rock star, although of course not as cool.

  5. kitschenette Says:

    that site also had me cackling madly! what’s so bad about ‘normal’ names like bob or jane, heh?