There’s Something About Being a Famewhore

Tonight is the Australian premiere of British reality TV series There’s Something About Miriam. There’s a fair bit of controversy around about it, what with the men who competed for the attention of the lovely “lady” suing after discovering that she, too, could write her name in the snow if she wanted, as well as general fears about moral fibre (keeps you regular!) and all that.

Free Melbourne rag B News ran a photo of Miriam as their front cover for the May 6 edition, supposedly in support of an article about whether or not the show was exploitative. In true Journalism-student reportage, however, the article itself makes no mention of any issues of exploitation and instead operates as a summary of the show itself, with a few quotes from Miriam thrown in. Someone’s headed for a bright career with the Herald Sun!

I could write about reality TV’s need to wade ever further-out in the quest for ratings. I could write about the potential effects the show could have on transsexual issues, and pretend I have in depth knowledge of current issues in the trans community, which I don’t.

Instead, I choose to write about Miriam herself, based on the quotes used in the article.

Apparently, her reason for agreeing to the show was “I wanted to know if real love exists.”

I can answer that one for you, lovey. Real love exists. If my cyincal black heart can believe in it, anyone can believe in it. The thing is, you’re probably not going to find it by looking for it on a reality TV program. I’m just not sure it works that way. And even if it does, there are a lot of different aspects of love, and all are important in keeping it alive. One of the more important things is honesty. While you may not tell your partner absolutely everything, it’s important to share some of the more vital things about yourself with them, like, oh I don’t know, THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE A PENIS.

She goes on to say of her gender orientation that “if anyone has asked me about myself I would have told them.” Well. That’s big of her. Personally, I would think that telling someone you’re not quite the woman they think you are would rate pretty highly on the list of Things I Have to Tell Someone About Myself Before I Get Naked. Sure, she didn’t lie to them exactly, but when most straight boys see a person with breasts, a curvy figure, a pretty face with makeup on, and long hair, they think “woman” rather than “someone like in those videos Uncle Albert used to make me watch with him while we sat around in our underwear”. Generally they don’t think to have a surreptitious look at their interest’s crotch to make there aren’t any dodgy-looking bulges ruining the line of her skirt.

“The show will help people understand better what people like me are all about,” Miriam says. I, personally, am almost sure it will, just like Big Brother and Australian Idol help people better understand what other, non-transsexual soulless fame-whores are about. And the answer to that is: not a whole fucking lot, really.

11 Responses to “There’s Something About Being a Famewhore”

  1. Sam Says:

    “Real love exists…. The thing is, you’re probably not going to find it by looking for it on a reality TV program.”

    Unless, of course, premise of said reality TV program has nothing to do with love, and you form an alliance with some chick with a smokin’ ass and end up proposing to her on the reality program’s final episode.

  2. Aimee Says:

    Oh don’t tell me you didn’t find that touching, Sam. Touching like Uncle Albert!

  3. Scott Says:

    I think you are being overly presumtuous. I have never told the object of my affection that I have a penis. Does that make me a bad person? And oh sure I’ve had one or two surprised glares meet the flashing of my naughty bits when I hiked up the old skirt, but I…well I think I’ve said too much.

  4. El Says:

    Scott, you just made me almost laugh coffee out my nose – that would not have been pretty…much like the scene when Miriam reveals her true identity…

  5. Ruth Says:

    Meanwhile, the show IS hilarious. Well, not the show itself, I guess, but the guys are such common, lad types, that you KNOW they’re going to have total breakdowns when they find out they’ve been macking with a man. And I, for one, will be watching it.

  6. Dawei Says:

    But Miriam herself is SUCH a dick. She’s so boring! Couldn’t they have gotten a tranny who speaks English?

  7. momo Says:

    I watch it, but I don’t know if it sits very comfortably with me, I kind of cringe. I mean, the “joke” is on the guys, obviously, but the whole premise being that Miriam is a “freak” – and the, we assume, very negative, reactions she will get from the men once they find out – isn’t exactly good for her, either. Bit nasty, really.

  8. momo Says:

    Sorry, that was so kookily punctuated, I’m not sure it makes sense …

  9. alissa Says:

    Miriam is one of us, a human, there is no need to down grade her at all, and the other comment posted by “DAWEI” regarding her English speaking skills, i would like to see you learn another language, and not only speak it with fluency but also read it and write it as well as Miriam has! I think i have made my point to a racist! Another note, at least Miriam has a loving heart and that is more than any human could want to have as a possesion.

  10. Aimee Says:

    I think you’re confusing “loving” with “lying,” alissa. Isn’t the fact that Miriam is allowing herself to be used as a gigantic joke against straight men, and the fact that she will happily conceal the truth about herself from men who are under the impression she is a heterosexual female-born girl rather than a pre-op transsexual, part of the whole point of what she is doing? Sure, it’s at the expense of guys, first in the original show and then in Big Brother, but the reason it’s meant to be such a shock and so horrific – and hence, so watchable for the audience – is that, like, she’s totally, like, a DUDE, man! I certainly don’t think that the aim of Miriam’s famewhoring is to bring attention to the issues and challenges faced by transsexuals (of which there are many quite serious ones), and that was a point I was making in the original entry. As a further note, I’m not sure how a loving heart could be “more” than any human could want as a possession. I’m given to understand that love, the giving as well as the receiving (or is that deceiving?) is kind of important to most of the human race.

    I’m also not convinced that Dawei is a big ol’ racist, either, mainly because I’m not convinced that saying someone of a different racial or ethnic background to yourself is boring is actually a racial slur.

  11. abiola Says:

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