This Blog is Educational

You’ve knocked back a couple of drinks by now, so everything is starting to get that warm, slightly fuzzy glow to it. You’re also mixing your drinks; your standard beer is interspersed with the brightly-coloured pre-mixed chick drinks your significant other stole from a party at the office with the sole purpose of getting on your good side and playing a game of hide-the-source-code.

You’re in the presence of good friends who have gathered to celebrate the occasion of your 21st birthday. As such, you’re flitting around like a social butterfly and hoping that no one notices you’re actually just a social cabbage moth in drag. You have the camera out and are snapping away, much to people’s collective dismay.

Your friend Loz iz present. Loz is a very bad influence on you. Loz offers to take some photos for you as you frolic with your female friends. This is a little like letting Larry Flynt come to your all-girl slumber party for “journalistic purposes”. You kneel on the ground to pose and hand him the camera. He goes to take a picture and realises it’s not working. You grab the camera back from him without turning it around, so it’s still pointed at you, ready to shoot. You unsteadily show him how the focus works and which is the button that actually takes the photo. Your finger hovers over it and because you don’t quite have the motor skills you’d have if you hadn’t been drinking, it presses down without warning.

And that, children, is how you end up with a close-up photo of your own cleavage.

4 Responses to “This Blog is Educational”

  1. momo Says:

    Excuses, excuses. The old I-accidentally-had-it-pressed-against-my-cleavage-trick. Show pony.


  2. pixelkitty Says:

    Sounds like a fab party. Can we see the cleavage? 🙂

  3. gypped Says:

    dude, I’ve got many close-up photos of my own cleavage, and more intentional than that.

  4. Loz Says:

    Bad influence my clacker. Now show us yer tits.