Tired and Lacy

So. Very. Tired.

Today was the first day of Melbourne Sexpo, at which I’m working until Sunday night. I’ve got incredibly sore legs, but I had a really good time. I’ve worked at Sexpo several times over the years, for various companies (I’m practically a adult-retail-whore-for-hire), and I’ve found that, like anything else, how much you enjoy it depends on who you’re working for. And I’ve worked for some real buttheads over the years. Fortunately, the guy I’m working for this year is super nice and thinks I’m ace, and I’m selling pretty pretty lingerie, so it’s all good. Tomorrow my dear friend Sonya will be working on the stall with me, so that will be fun, and also hopefully give me the chance to devote some time to going shopping. Mmmm, banned-in-Queensland goodness!

I’m yet to run into my good friend Penisaurus, but hopefully it will happen tomorrow. I really don’t want to go the whole time without seeing him. I love me some giant penis monster.

I’m sort of past the point of being coherent, so I should really sign off and say goodbye. If you’re planning on going to Melbourne Sexpo, you should come and say hi. I’m the tall blonde chick battling with the g-strings.

One Response to “Tired and Lacy”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love you! xo.