Up and Away

Tomorrow I’m jetting off to Sydney for a couple of days to play at being a corporate girlfriend. I’m a little unsure precisely what this role entails, and about spending my birthday with people I don’t know very well. My uncertainty has been assuaged somewhat by the fact that all my expenses are being paid for, and we’ll be picked up from the airport in a limo. I never claimed to not be shallow.

Stuart’s workmates have always seemed like a nice bunch, though. I’m a bit wary of the owner of the company, but that’s only because when I met him for the first time at the Christmas function last year, and when I went to introduce myself to him, he said “I know who you are. We’ve heard all about you.” My automatic response when someone says something like this is to freak out, because I fear they’re going to follow it up with something along the lines of “So, do we get to see this famous ping pong ball trick?”

I’m sure it will all be good, though. As long as Stu gives me cake tomorrow, I’ll be happy. Plus there are the added bonuses of a new city to explore (yes, Bumpkin Girl here has never been to Sydney), and lots of dirty motel room sex to be had, which will be especially important as Stu’s going to be in Sydney for the next few weeks working on a contract. We’ll be sex-cameling it up. There is also a yacht cruise of Sydney harbour planned, and a barbecuey-type function. I will be smiling politely at people while Stu will be all This Is My Girlfriend, She Has Boobies. In some respects, he will always be an Engineering student. It’s kind of nice, though. It’s better than This Is My Girlfriend, She Has Boobies and If You Look At Them I Will Break Your Face, or This Is My Girlfriend, She Has Boobies, Which I Guess Is the Upside of Her Not Being a Size Eight, The Fat Cow. Neither of those is very pleasant at all. Rather, Stu is a fan of sharing the boobie love.

Well, I guess I did mention in the last entry that I talk about boobies a lot. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’ll be back in a few days, with tales of adventure and possibly sunburn.

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