Viral Marketing

I’ve been laid low for the past week or so with a nasty flu-like bug that seems to like me very much, as it won’t go away. I’m starting to feel a little better now, but in addition to the fun illness symptoms, it’s had some interesting side effects.

I have a tendency to have weird dreams, which becomes even more pronounced when I’m not well. A couple of nights ago, in the grip of the bug, I had an absolute doozy.

Like many dreams, the events kept shifting. It started out as me trying to get away from a zombiesque foe. I dream a lot about zombies, for some reason. Somehow in the midst of all the running and fighting, I kept bumping into people who kept saying, “Oh, you simply must buy Stephen King’s new book, Cell. It’s great!”. Over and over and over again. I woke up not with the usual relief that I had averted the danger and avoided the consumption of my tasty tasty brain, but with an overwhelming urge to pop down to my local bookshop and get me some King.

This sort of marketing campaign was funny when it was used in Futurama to sell Lightspeed Briefs, but not so funny when it happened in my own head. Knock it off, arseholes!

But it could have been worse. Dreaming about zombies I can handle, but I think I would have awoken in a cold sweat had there been an appearance by Kerri-Anne Kennerley or anyone from Danoz Direct. Now that’s true horror.

2 Responses to “Viral Marketing”

  1. Bronwyn Says:

    Cell is terrible, don’t buy it! And that’s harsh coming from me because generally I love Stephen King, I really like the way he constructs internal mental worlds for his characters, expecially that (given wide open literary spaces in which to roam) he cross references experiences and memories back and forth temporally which is how real people tend to do it (ie see IT for the most obvious example, where the narrative simultaneously follows a past and present time line, weaving the two experiences together as though past memory and up to the moment sensation were one and the same).

    But Cell strikes me as an early story that he yoinked from one of those attic boxes of his and dusted off in order to keep the consumers consuming.

  2. naridu Says:

    Kennerly at the Logies has ruined strung ham for me entirely. I can no longer enjoy the succulence of strung ham. Oh woe. Oh woe.
    Just so long as she doesn’t enter my dreams, all will be well.