What Do We Want? Braaaaains!

I was really rather cut when I realised I wouldn’t be able to take part in the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle because it clashed with work.  However, I just had the next best thing: Stuart rang me to let me know they were about to pass my work (he’s not taking part but is walking with them to take photographs), so I dashed outside and got to see the lovely zombies in all their glory.  I also got my photo taken with two lovely zombie lasses chowing down on my tasty tasty brain.  God bless the undead.

4 Responses to “What Do We Want? Braaaaains!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    One of the girls I work with participated in the Brisbane zombie march a month or two ago. She went as a geisha zombie, and used CANVAS PRIMER to replicate a zombie’s healthy complexion. I’m surprised she had a face left after (somehow) washing it off.

  2. linedancer-alexdowner Says:

    I was grossed out to read that this event happened without, my having a chance to particpate in my cowboy gear. It is just so typical of those black slacks and shirts who frequent Brunswick Street , that when I appeared there last week they all fucking freaked out.
    So keep the arseholes in spirit mixers, and the rest of us will stick to our water and Gatorade. Its just a mistake to assume we don’t care. WE Care.

  3. Melissa Says:

    The jealousy is eating me alive!

  4. aimee Says:


    Alex, mate, there’ll be another one sometime. There’s always time for zombie cowboys!