What to wear…

I need some suggestions for a costume I could wear to a Halloween in May party I’ll be going to. Preferably suggestions for costumes that would necessitate the wearing of a black leather corset. I bought the damn thing nearly two years ago and I think I’ve worn it once, even though I absolutely adore it and even though at said party it resulted in people following me around from a safe distance (I would also say it got me laid, but I think that has less to do with the power of the corset than the fact that Stuart is a big dirty man-whore). Unfortunately, my life just doesn’t seem to have many occasions where I could feasibly wear it. This may not have been the case once, but I’m a boring lass these days.

Of course, I could make the effort to find reasons and occasions to wear the corset. I could wear it to Uni and prevent myself from slouching in my seat during boring lectures. I could wear it to work for interesting results/reactions and a greater sense of authoritarianism (‘Naughty boy! Bring your books back on time!’ ‘Yes, Mistress.’). I could wear it around the house, where it would look absolutely stunning combined with my baggy old trackies and fluffy blue slippers.

So, yeah. Stuart’s sister is throwing a party and while I doubt we’ll be there long (what with him muttering darkly about escaping to my house after putting in a brief appearance), I’d still like to make an effort. And any effort that potentially involves me trotting around in Old Blacky is worth making, I feel. Even if it is at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. Which sounds really rather wrong.

7 Responses to “What to wear…”

  1. Craig Says:

    For a truly esoteric (and over the top leathery) costume, you could be “Sevora Devout,” shown here: http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=Odd&odd=NewLayout&_do=List_Models&code=5697.

  2. Scott Says:

    You don’t want suggestions. You want validation. The corset IS the cosutme. You know it. I know it. Even Maggie knows it. She’s such a little trooper…

  3. Aimee Says:

    Oooh, I like that suggestion, Craig! The only problem is now I’m paranoid you’re casting aspersions on my reedin’ and ritin’ skillz.

    And Scott? Back in your box, Mr I Like People Who Don’t Have Their Clothes On Because They’re Naked.

  4. Scott Says:

    Dude, posting replies in here isn’t going to work! I’m never goin to read them. It’s not like I’m some crazy internet stalker who obsessively rechecks your site hourly, including all of of the guestbook entries…I…Oh.

    This is the sound of me getting back into my box…

  5. Aimee Says:

    There’s a good boy. And remember: we log your IP!

    Hey, how come all my creepy stalkers are Canadian, eh?

  6. Doug Says:

    For a gal in a corset I’d be prepared to be a creepy internet stalker from the UK.

    Urg … room in the box for one more there, Canadian Scotty-boy?

  7. Aimee Says:

    A creepy Internet stalker from the UK who used to live in Melbourne makes the whole experience seem that little bit more real, I feel.